Thursday, October 27, 2011


KERATOCONUS UPDATE: I have been away for a while

Hi it's Dr Jim Kokkinakis finally back again. I have been really busy seeing patients with keratoconus and computer vision induced eye strain.

I must apologise for forgetting about this blog, but I have also been overwhelmed with inquiries from all over the world about keratoconus. It really is a very frustrating condition. The stories keep coming through and invariably nearly all cases that are frustrated are caused by inaccurate information or treatment.

I have written the following to help out patients with keratoconus:
  1. "7 Vital Facts you need to know about Keratoconus...but Don't". You can find this very simple and short document on The Eye Practice website. CLICK HERE. Believe it or not it has been downloaded over 15,000 times from around the world.
  2. I have started a general eye care blog, which not only talks about Keratoconus, but all sorts of important eye information. It also can be found on The Eye Practice website. CLICK HERE.
  3. With 3 other prominent keratoconus specialists from Sydney and Melbourne, we have collaborated to write a book on keratoconus. This is likely to be in print before the end of the year. As far as we know nothing like this has been written for the layperson before. If you would like to be notified when it is published register your interest by emailing me at:
  4. I have set up the website:
Please note that updates will be posted on this blog from time to time but more detailed information will be available from The Eye Practice's website and from

Remember as we have said before: Keratoconus is not a blinding eye condition, it is a big inconvenience. Managed appropriately your life can return to being normal.

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